ENGL 110 – Digital Portfolio by Danny Z. Moncy

This website is created to showcase by journey, from start to finish, in ENG 11000-E 26428 at CUNY City College of New York. This website is organized in tabs that will allow the visitor to explore each section of the course that was covered in class. The writing in this course has made me a better writer in many different ways. It has helped me to analyze my own writing and reading by the use of different rhetorical situations and genres. I gained a lot more confidence in writing professional papers by critically thinking. My way of understanding any text have been improved from the past because I now recognize the stance of the author and the rhetorical situations they have used for readers to gain knowledge and this helped me to make my readers understand my point of view better and deeper. And finally,I got to understand how to use the resources that are appropriate for my research and to surf deeper into the databases then the use of google for every answer that I needed. Therefore this class has helped me to become a better reader, writer and thinker through the help of many assignments and exercises that we did in class .